We help businesses leverage the power of Pega's AI & Decisioning capabilities.

Inent Pega experts help businesses gain considerable returns by capturing business goals into automated workflows. Our extensive Pega capabilities are geared toward increasing your operational efficiency and customer experience.

From RPA enabled process automation to offline mobile apps, we leverage Pega to orchestrate workflow, automate with bots, and make smart decisions with AI. Our Pega-powered DevOps ecosystem enables one-click deployments that reduces complexities. Pega’s intuitive low-code authoring platform enables us to deploy fully native iOS and Android apps with just a few clicks.


Our Pega Implementation experience can help you with a wide range of Pega solutions in different areas of your business.

The Pega Platform blends together a unique combination of the capabilities of the digital transformation revolution allowing you to build quickly, automate intelligently and scale with confidence. Pega provides the capability of building large scale applications using a low-code approach where most of the build is configuration only. Case Management capabilities along with RPA and AI built into Business processes allows automated decisioning and makes processes seamless from an end user perspective. Pega provides a UI/UX Library which makes building UI for enterprise applications much easier.




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