Testing Practice

Independent Software Consulting Practice

Testing Services enhance client’s business value through continuous innovation enabled by frameworks and accelerators which help customers with seamless transition to an agile environment. Our Testing Architecture compliance solutions help customers adopt to an agile model and mitigate transition risks, thus ensuring improved software quality and time to market. This is achieved through an integrated team equipped with domain & technological skills.

Our Services

Application testing services ensure profitability by addressing operational, tactical, and strategic business requirements with customer-centric solutions. Testing ecosystem includes comprehensive range of services supported by accelerators and frameworks across diverse technology platforms and domains. Approach to set up a well-governed testing enterprise to accelerate delivery, all the while optimizing costs and increasing business benefits.

Major challenges faced during testing

How much to test
Lengthy testing cycles

Address the challenges by proactive, innovative and fundamentally different approach to professional testing. It enables a company to reach a high-level of risk-based test coverage and test automation, decrease the number of test cases, reduce its product’s time-to-market and greatly improve the business.

Support manual to various automated approaches, we provide innovative support for all crucial aspects of the testing process – test management, execution and reporting. Requirements are gathered through a consistent and repeatable process. This allows every type of testing (functional, manual, integration, regression, configuration and component) to be planned, managed and executed in a very short period of time.

Self-consistent Test Case Portfolio – a minimal and non-redundant set of test cases achieving the highest possible test coverage with the least effort in error analysis. As a result, you get fully executable, automated or manual Test Cases, while maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

Agility to Business Requirements
Focus On Customer, Business Assurance through Quality
Consolidation and Standardization
Reduced Cost, More Speed

Key Differentiators

Catering to “Total Quality Solutions” in the true sense by combining process and product quality
Testing approach that can reduce the time and cost of managing testing programs
Test Data planning and management from the initial phases
Services in place to ensure early detection and containment of defects, resulting in defect free products and higher customer satisfaction
Set of test building blocks and repeatable methodologies to increase efficiency, allowing for customization and enhancement.


  • Mitigate business risk
  • Unbiased view on quality, while identifying defects that can be decisive for the market success of your software product and systems
  • Secure your applications from potentially unsafe access
  • Adhere to industry standards and compliances
  • Improve ROI by improving application quality and performance
  • Increase application availability and reliability and support more agile development approaches
  • Reduce the total cost of application maintenance and enhancement
  • Speed time to market for your software product and systems
  • Metrics which provide integrated tracking and the foundation for continuous testing improvement
  • Repository of domain based test cases facilitating reuse and time reduction in testing
  • Risk based testing