Data Services

Growing data volumes and interconnected systems have necessitated a need for the next generation of analytics and data management solutions. Hadoop, NoSQL and the related ecosystem provide the framework enabling your company to analyze and manage growing volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Organizations are realizing the importance of utilizing the intelligence inherently present in already available data as well as correlating various data sources to glean entirely new actionable insights. This enables organizations to take better decisions faster.

We are enabling organizations to leverage and take advantage of the big data movement. Our customers are finding new insights from their data and converting them into better business decisions , we are Innovator’s in solving BIG Data challenges and helping companies recognize data as an asset.  Consuming Big Data means addressing volume, variety, and velocity of data, which present certain challenges with its capture, storage, search, security, sharing, analysis, and visualization.  We have the expertise and experience to solve the challenges of data – from “small” to “big”.  We work with all forms of data.  Some of our current clients have structured data or transactional types of records in very large data stores-petabyte size data bases across a multitude of technologies.  At the same time, other clients are pushing the envelope of integrating unstructured data for deep learning analytic projects

Uncover Meaningful

  • Create comprehensive structures around your data.
  • Collecting, and structuring data to derive insights through statistical analysis
  • Design, build, and deploy applications that make big-data accessible and actionable

Big Data Practice

  • Big Data & High Performance Computing
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Strategy & Governance

BI Practice

  • Deep expertise in customer needs in all aspects of Visualization
  • SME’s with specialization across multiple industries and global markets
  • Immediate scalability with extended team
  • Ability to ramp up resources